Friday, March 19, 2010


Actually I just wanted to be happy..but it is not easy..
Pretending to smile in front of everyone even though not happy..
Thinking about what others people judge me for what I've done..
Wondering whether there is anyone who really care about me..
Reconsidering whether what I'm doing now is right or wrong..
Worrying if I've nobody to turn to when I'm upset..
Terrifying with the coming final exams..
Waiting for my savior to rescue me..
After all, searching for happiness is not an easy route..
I hope there will be at least someone to accompany me in my journey..

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Just finished my microbiology test yesterday..All also dunno how to do..T.T..Who will remember all the temperature and the time for the microbes to grow~~!!If there were thousand of microbes..Means I have to memorize all?Felt really frustrated with this semester..All subjects seem so hard to get good results..Why university's exams would be like this?It is all depend on the lecturers..What they like,they will put in the paper,even though not in the notes..So,what the use of studying the notes?..Useless and waste time..Study and not study have no different..University's life is really not as easy as what I think..Haiz..