Monday, August 18, 2008

Bidong Island's Adventure

*Day 1..
I went to the island by small boat from the jetty..Others were taking the big one..So that's why I reached there 1st..On my journey to bidong island,I enjoyed the breath-taking scenery coz I rarely expose to the sea..When I almost reach the island,I was just imagine myself is the cast of 'LOST' or 'Pirate of the Carribean'..So cool~The sea water there is crystal clear!So amazing..Later,we were asked to get into groups..My group-Jerung!Shark..Each group is given a flag as their nation sign,so we have to protect it..After thinking of our cheer song,we have to carry on with our 1st activity-water confident..For your information,I not really know how to swim(shame on me,rite?)But I'm not scared of tis activity..We have to swim to the big boat and then jump from it and swim back..Sound like easy,rite?In fact,it's not!Although I dunno how to swim,still I lead others that really scared of swimming..Thank god we were provided with buoyancy aid,if not,dunno wat will happen?The truth is 'water confident' is actually quite fun..But for mother sake,dunno why still got people cried bcoz scared of jumping from the boat..1 more thing,I was divided to sleep with 3 malay guys(so pity)~~(T.T)

*Day 2..
Everything seems so perfect until there was a thunder storm early in the morning..I cant fall asleep until 3am..3sth,the wind suddenly so strong,so I quickly zipped up the camp..This bad situation continue to become even worse just like the tornado is coming..Plus raining heavily..We were asked to protect our own camp so that it wont blow away by the wind..It was really a good survival experience for me..Day 2 activities were post phoned due the weather..The 1st activity for my group was fishing..Honestly,I never do fishing before this,but still I'm looking forward for this activity..After the kind 'pak cik' demonstrated to us how to fishing,we straight away started our game!Hurray~~!!After I dropped the line,within 1 minutes only,I can feel the stupid fish eaten my 'umpan' already..I just pulled it up,and yup!!I got the very 1st fish of the day~~!!Haha~Fishing is just so fun!!Unlike Bo,he din get any fish and he complained that fishing is boring,usual la..(he was the 1st 1 to put the fishing line but end up with 'zero')..1 more thing,we got extra 'umpan'..That was the 'vomiting' from my group members..So 'geli',rite?Nvm la,they also cant control d ma..So fast we have to proceed,coz we only got 18 fishes!so lame..The record was 40sth..Our second activity was snorkeling..My partner was Wooi Ping(dunno how to swim also!)After briefing from the people in charge,we started the game!I can describe in 1 word-'Wow!'The under sea creature is just so amazing!!I saw many beautiful,colourful,pretty fishes..Even rainbow colour 'chorea'..It was my 1st time seeing all these..So,I just enjoyed the whole process..I even feed the fishes with biscuit..The fishes just swim toward my hand..It's hard to describe the real picture to you all,just experience urself if u have the chance..(I hope u all have la..Haha~)The 3rd 1,canoing..After learning how to canoe,I started the journey with my partner,'Yaya'..Dont know is my problem or hers..We just faced many problem while canoing..The worst part,I almost got last from over 2o more canoe..Thanks god we were not!The was the golden time for me coz I sun- burnt in this activity~~!!Hate it!!But I love canoe~~(^^D)Although my hand very tired after canoing..And our very last 1,jungle trekking..The most boring of all~~!!No comment on this..Wow~I just been through a great adventure there on the 2nd day..The thing I've never done before..Now we proceed to the best part,our group refused to have our dinner that day!!It begun when 1 of the facilitator taken our flag(according to him,we have to pass up the flag before we can canoe),which actually was a trick to steal our flag..So,my group member just stole back the flag..And in the end,as a punishment every group members of my group has to bring along a chair wherever we go!OMG!Our group refused to do so,and we were not allowed to have our dinner!So,come on la if u want to play the game with me..In fact many group member really hungry that time..So,we just looked at others to have their meal..Next was our show..our group decided to have a show that included singing,dancing and commercial break..And of course,who else if it was not me to become the host..Together with my partner ' Kak Ann'..We 2 just have the good chemistry working along..When it was our time to perform..I think it just heated up the show..And our show end up to be very hot!!Of course la!Have to see who is in the show,ok?Haha..The other performances were just average..(No la,quite good actually)Later we have our barbecue of our fishes and our group are requested to have our dinner..Finally~~!!Then I joined the canoe competition on the last day..Knowing that I'm quite 'fast' in the activity before..I'm scared!Furthermore they asked me & Jia Wei to take the 4th baton..The 2nd last!!Total got 5 pairs in a group..Scared+excited!!

We have our 'senam pagi'..Gila-gila one..And Tai Chi members are asked to demonstrate in front..So,I just went out for it..After that cleaning the camp site..And finally the Canoe competition..I was so scared that I'll make me group lose,so I asked the 2nd baton to change with me..The competition was on!At 1st,my group in the ranking no 2..So fast,it was my turn!I was so excited and so I decided to try my best!And the truth is I'm the winner!!Me & Jia Wei managed to leave all those other groups behind us for a long distance!!And so,our group just keep on leading the competition until the end and we were the winner as usual la!!Haha..After all,dont be afraid with what u scared of..In the end,u'll be managed to achieve it well..Really!!Finally the closing ceremony and of course my group again the main winner!!so happy~~(^^D)We won 2 category 'best cheer song' and 'canoe'..Want to listen our group-Jerung cheer song?Here u are:
Are u ready?Ai ai captain!I cant hear u..Ai ai captain!Jerung girls-arwh~Jerung boys-arwh~H.O.T.T.O.G.O..Shark killer is hot to go..Say who is hot to go?Say who is hot to go?(Shark!killer!)x3..So goes the winning song~~!!After all,I become the african already after coming back..Conclusion..What an adventure for me!!It's really fun & exciting..~~(^^O)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Here In Terengganu!!(^^D)

I've been here for more than 1 month already,stilll cannot get used to the life here in Terengganu..All I can describe about my course is 'BUSY'..So many assignments,quizs,tutorials,homeworks,group discussion and so on~!Can you imagine that?For someone who have not been doing all these things before suddenly have to work like a machine..It's really EXAUSTED for me!Sometimes I even slept at 2am because of practical discussion..All I can say is , 'Food Technology' is a 'EASY' to take course,do you believe me?Besides that,every week also got co-curriculum and i'm in Kelab Olahraga..Every week I have to run like a athlet(representing country that type)..Although I have experience with all these running thing bcoz I've participated in MSSD before,this is also a disaster for me coz I'm not like previous year(I mean my stamina)..The worst is after running I can't fall asleep at night!I also joined 'Tai Chi',where every tues,fri & sat got practice..Actually I found this 'wu shu' quite interesting,coz I'm 'Tai Chi'ing',and I'm sweating.The movement is so slow like a 90 years old grandma d movement also can make me sweating..If you all have the chance to learn,just go ahead..The most interesting thing that attracted me mind this morning is,I saw a notice,the Opera Club is looking for new member..Of course I wanted to join it the 1st moment I saw it,but I cant attend the meeting that day coz I'll be going to 'survival laut' this friday~U all must be wondering..What is that?Well,it's a programme only found in UMT..where we'll go to Pulau Bidung for 3 days..(have to jump into the sea,just like commit suicide!,not enough food eat,got many jelly fish,cannot take bath with our shampoo)This is what I can conclude from what I've heard so far..But any how,I still looking forward to this survival laut..So,do pray hard for me(no jelly fish bite me)The others thing about Terengganu is the unpredicted weather..It may seem sunny in the afternoon but heavy rain in the noon..This happen when me & my friends went to the pasar malam..After finish buying the food,we were walking back(the journey take about 2omins)The moment we started to walk only,it started to rain like crazy..So,we just ran like crazy also la..And 1 of my friend (Ray) also fell down like crazy..The weather here mostly is like in the desert,coz it's so hot..!!The special thing is that here got 1 road where people so called 'Jalan Biawak',is actually a shortcut to UMT from our hostels..When u pass by here,u'll be able to see big size 'biawak' swimming & walking here & there..I mean big size..(Just a bit smaller than crocodile)..Really!My fren even captured some photo of them..And my university is near to the sea,walking to there only take about 15mins..At night,if u go to the beach and u'll be able to see so called 'blue tears' or 'lan yan lei'..Yeah,it's true..I saw it several times already..(It's just something special that will shinning in blue colour only at night)After being here,I also took many seniors's hp no or even my course mates..Until I wanted to call them,I also dont remember what is their name..And sometimes,I'll be like walking around and someone will approaching me and ask me whether I'm from Bentong..They are my ex-school mate..I wonder since when I've become so famous..Hahaha..(Of course my friends will just laugh at me saying me having the 'general face')Still not fully explore the place yet,I 'm still working it out..I also joined the Chinese Society here..Something I'm so happy about it just dont know why?May be is bcoz the chinese here is just like the extinct species..Especially chinese guy..I've also known quite many new friends,but just several is closer with me..(Ray,Wai Ching,Kim Wah,Boon Keat,etc)But still not very clear with their personality..coz someone sometimes appear to be so emotional..and I'm scared of it..That's briefy about my life here..(u all must be wondering what is so brief about it)..Hopefully it's a good begining for me here..And of course I'll try my best to get the best results I can..So to all my others friends out there..Wish u all the best of luck..(^^D)