Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Taman Tamadun Islam..(~~O)

Have you ever heard of this Taman?Actually it's one of Kuala Terengganu famous tourism spot~~It was my 2nd time driving out to town..1st we like tourists,keep on turning in the town,I still not familiar with KT..We went to chinese town to have our lunch after Wai Ching helped her roomate bought the bus tiket..Along in the kenari were me,bo,Ray,Kin Wah & Wai Ching..We have the ''da bei shui''= big glass of ice blended..Quite famous in KT d..Mine one was mango + dragon fruit~Best~~Ya,I had ''pork'' noodle here..Coz as u all noe,hard to find pork in KT since here....~~It was delicious..After that I grabbed mine Galaxie & Sin Chew nwppr..I also discovered that the car's side glass cant function,damaged ard..then we just ignored it,pretend nth happen..After that,we headed to ''Pasar Bayam''..It famous place as a big market la that sell all type of ''keropok'',souvenir,shrit++We bought many ''keropok''thr..Taman Tamadun Islam is our next destination..It located quite far from the town..It took about 15minutes..Along the way,we just chat non-stop la..Once we reached there..It's really beautiful..I saw many beautiful 'mosque'..All are like little building for us to see d..1st we went into the souvenir shop,I bought a key chain,so did Ray..I straight away asked the shop keeper where we can visit..She told me that all place are temporary closed for renovation,so disappointed..we took some photo in the shop..After that we just walked around in there..Thanks god Crystal Mosque is not closed today..We went to there to take photo..The truth is,it's really amazing..really beautiful coz it was made of mirror which look like crystal..that's why it's called tha legendary ''Crystal mosque''..The total area here is indescribable..Bcoz it's really big n huge..I was able to took back one browser from the souvenir shop..I hope I can go there again when it reopen on 4 Oct later..I'll sure go there again..(^^u)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

~~1st Driving Experience in KT~~

So,excited~~!!After the math class is canceled 2day..I suggested to my friends to rent a car to Kuala Terengganu(KT)..U noe the reason?Coz I noe Bobo want to buy that notebook's bag,so 'wei liao ta',nvm la..I called kin wah & wai ching..Ray din join us for some reason..Actually before this,I scared to drive the car here coz my friends are like give their life to me,& I REALLY have to drive carefully..Finally,I drove kancil~~!!1st time ler driving at here~~(Ceh,like so proud~~!!)We headed to Mydin to buy the bag & oso the water heater(since my roomate's one damaged ard)..After them grabbing sth,we went to have kfc~~!!What else,if it is not snack plate..We back after that..Actually we were really rush,coz we had 2 hours only..When coming back to our hostel,I was just like racing car,quite fast coz time consuming ma~~Force to do so..In the end,each of us only has to pay RM5..Even cheaper than taking the Van Sapu here,which cost RM6..Thank god I drive(consider) safe la..I met con ting when we back,she asked them dangerous or not(I'm the legendary ambulance driver~coz all my friends said me drive very fast & dangerous)..I'll change d~~!!It was quite a good experience for me...Hope can drive out nextime & go to more places..

Friday, September 19, 2008


Why the activities just like cant stop~!I'm having Mooncake festival canival today..But I have 2 tests,TITAS & Hubungan Etnik 2day~All the activities we did were just like the last minute work~that was just so tired!Bcoz I have to chase time to make sure I complete my task!After finish my tests~(Conclusion..Titas quite tough lar!)I have to fully focus to today carnival coz I was like haven do anythg yet~!The fact is that I have 1 Titas assignment haven do yet(has to pass up on sun)~!@!Can u believe?haven do yet!!OMG!!But I just continue with the carnival..Responsible,ok?3pm(after I tried to start my TITAS assignment),I waited Li Yun(President PBCina UMT) to go to Janet house make our product..''Tang yuan''about 5pm,Wai Ching & me rushed back to print our poster..after straight away set up for the carnival~I'm incharged for the pameran..(which basically is display some mooncake festival's info to others to see)We also have to do the question for pameran..So busy~When everythg done,it was already 8pm!!~~I straight away go eat dinner till 8.40pm..Back hostel took bath and straight away return to the carnival~!(Cant breath!!~~(T.T)~~)At 1st,no people bother about my 'pameran'..sooner or later many people came & answer the questions we have prepared!The response from the students was so great~!!The winner for tis was Poh Ling..Got stall sold ''Tang Yuan''which we made earlier..,sold food,play game,play song,make 'tang Yuan'++..Many people came to visit our carnival~We,of course sang & dance our theme song here..''xi shuo shuo''..Great!!After cleaning up the mess..we took photo..Back~!So busy but I enjoyed it~!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mooncake festival(^^D)

It was 14 Sept..Mooncake Festival~~!@!@After finish the stupid wasting time activity in library,we(me,bo,ray,kin wah,wai ching and her roomates) straight away headed to the beach..We saw many people walkimg back while we walking to there..It was about 11pm..We saw 3 groups of gang making 3 big circle when we arrived at the beach..They looked so enjoy coz they keep on singing just like christmas carol..1st we lighten up our Tang Lung..Then we took 1 big tree branch & hang our tang lung on the branches..It looked beautiful!Then we used candle to make mooncake festival word in mandarin and lighten them up again..Wow~~!@!All I can tell was our gang was so bright!!We took many photo too..Then,we have our mooncake which were contributed by Wai Ching,total 2(coffee & tiramisu)..Suddenly,the other gang sang so bad until we cannot stand & we fight back!!Just like that we were battling singing..After they finish singing & we continue..Until 1 group cant proceed~~!!Dunno is our voice made god cry or not..Suddenly it started to rain & we walk back to our hostel..That our mooncake festival celebration~~Simple & nice..

An Extraordinary Saturday

The day started off like usual,woke up early in the mornin' to attend ko-k,olahraga.After that, I went to have my lunch and straight away back to my room to continue my chemistry practical report.I not even have time to sleep,so frustrated!At about 5.30pm,I have to walk to the bus stop to have the so called 'Mooncake festival celebration',organised by chinese society here..And I'm involved in it.I responsible for one of the game..Actually at the beginnin',I'm not sure whether we could make it a successful one or not coz we only prepare this activity for about 5days only.We had only 3,4 times meeting like that,and most important,all the flow that day is controlled by us,'huo dong zhu'..From the meeting,we have chosen some interestin' games which we dunno suitable for that day or not..Coz basically it's the 1st activity that we organised in UMT..We dunno anythg?Just do it only~(NIKE)..Of course,I invited my friends to join me in this activity,they are Bo,Con Ting,Wai Ching,Ray,Kin Wah and Wooi Ping..On the way to there,I'm really very worried!Coz we are the one who are going to entertain them the whole nite!Gosh,how am I goin' to do that?After arrived to the destination,many people(total 80 person)complain about the venue,they were so disappointed with the venue..We were late about half an hour from the plannin' time..Finally we started it about 7pm.1st,we gave them a piece of closed paper,and they have to stick the paper on others back in order to divide them into groups.Me and wai ching were in Cartoon group.Our group members were hyperactive,even won the hamper for the most active group~!Then,all participants were asked to find their group members name from the newspaper..My group really rocked!They able to find all the group members name..Proceed to the next game,actually the newspaper n oso this game were my ideas..It was eagle catch chicks..Each groups was given a tali & protect it from catching by others..Once catched by others,the group has to move into that particular group to form 1 single long group..Once the game begun,all were crazy..Crazy catching n protecting their own 'tail'..Song is the next~A word is given n each group has to sing a song with the word inside in..They can throw the song to others group once they finish singing..The atmosphere was getting higher and higher..I can see they all really enjoy the games we've prepared!Thanks god!Then the president gave some talk n it was time to eat!A variety of food is available..Including beehoon,curry chic,nugget,fish balls,kuih-muih,'tang yuan',mooncake +++ la..We the committee members really full~~ It was the time our dancing part..We combined 'yue liang yuan & xi sue sue' together..We all had a great & fun time..I was requested to go up & say sth about the activity n that day eeling..I just said sth and the audience were so supportive..Got some crazy people dancing like mad people but of course,that was entertaining!Lastly,photo session.After cleaning the mess,we were back!It was basically the 1st time I celebrate mooncake festival here in Kuala Terengganu & i felt great about it with all my friends n oso senior..Hopefully in the future,we will more activities like this..