Monday, February 21, 2011

~My cute Nephew~

My nephew finally 1 month old already..
Looking more & more handsome just like me^^
Getting used to take care of him -
Hugging him~
Making milk for him~
Feeding him~
And even kissing him~
This is a photo of my nephew^^

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

~My Everything~

Even though I did not mention it all the time..
But you really mean the whole world for me..
I don't know how am I going to be without u..
Thanks for accompanying me all these time..
Still remember the time when I just want you to be there for me..
Even you think that you're useless,but it is already enough for me..
I don't want see you not happy..
Just remember to be happy..Muackss^^
I love you always~~
Remember to remember that & keep it in ur heart^^

Friday, March 19, 2010


Actually I just wanted to be happy..but it is not easy..
Pretending to smile in front of everyone even though not happy..
Thinking about what others people judge me for what I've done..
Wondering whether there is anyone who really care about me..
Reconsidering whether what I'm doing now is right or wrong..
Worrying if I've nobody to turn to when I'm upset..
Terrifying with the coming final exams..
Waiting for my savior to rescue me..
After all, searching for happiness is not an easy route..
I hope there will be at least someone to accompany me in my journey..

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Just finished my microbiology test yesterday..All also dunno how to do..T.T..Who will remember all the temperature and the time for the microbes to grow~~!!If there were thousand of microbes..Means I have to memorize all?Felt really frustrated with this semester..All subjects seem so hard to get good results..Why university's exams would be like this?It is all depend on the lecturers..What they like,they will put in the paper,even though not in the notes..So,what the use of studying the notes?..Useless and waste time..Study and not study have no different..University's life is really not as easy as what I think..Haiz..

Monday, January 25, 2010


Recently so busy with many things..Especially with Xin Chun things..Sometimes feel so stressed about it but dont know can talk to who..Being an important person in a group is really not an easy job..Everybody's feeling I have to take care of..Even about their tasks,I dare not to interrupt or take over..I just let them run their groups..I respect them as a leader,but sometimes I even doubt myself..Do they really give the same respect to me also..Many things I did not mention, doesnt mean that I dont know and dont care..In addition,even a very small mistake will be a big issue..I admit I really did something wrong but please,who haven did anything wrong before..Can we just move on?Thinking of sharing with seniors or friends,but scared will bcome another HOT issue..I really scared I will explode 1 day..Just letting out all my feelings just like that..Sometimes,I felt like I really Suck!!!Trying to be nice,friendly and easy-going..Or I have to be serious and fierce all the time..?I really confuse..I wanted to do the best I can..I really trying..But is there really anyone care about it?Or I just an useless puppet?When I give encouragements to others..I also need the same encouragement too..Who really know that?I really cant fall asleep..Really..Really..Doubting my ability..doubting my everythg..By the way,who cares?!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So many second tests waiting for us..Include BioChem,Math engineering,Computer,Food Science,Chemistry..Why so many?I just finished me math test ytd!!I really duno how to do,even when I walked out from the exam room,I also felt like crying coz I really duno how to do in the test!So,I not allow my friends to talk math in front of me..I really very sad d ar!Then before this was biochem test,I read liao again n again lo..But I also duno how to do the paper la..Especially objective..I'll taking chemistry test this sun!So scared la!All calculation!!I haven read yet also..God please help me..(T.T)plus got presentation also..The final just left 2 weeks more..!!Besides,the MPP election is ON!!So excited..I'll go out to vote 2ml..Haha(^^D)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Genting On Hari Raya'08 ("D)

We've planned this trip earlier already~So excited coz long time din travel & play with friends already..Then lastly can gather together,really happy~We went there by 2 taxi..Start our journey on 8am after having breakfast..Reach there about 9sth,we straight away check in but we were told that have 2 wait until 12pm..So,we just put down our bags & ready 2 play outdoor games..Since Sook Yee was the one who in charged d ticket,and she not able to contact her friends,so we went to 1st world lobby 2 take some photos while waiting her friend to cal back..Finally around 12sth,her friend called & helped us buy the tickets(coz staff's price..haha)..We just straight away run into the outdoor theme park to play..But sadly..(T.T)since that day was the 1st day of hari raya..Theme park was so crowded~!!The 1st game in my mind was space shoot..We waited nearly half an hour for that game..Along with me were Con Ting,Hong and Wai teng..Sook Yee,Pui Kheng & oso Bo were too scared to play~~!!So what lar~~!!At 1st I was so excited about it,I turned out to be very nervous when it was my turn..But the truth was not scary at all~~!!Not challenging at all..Then the roller coaster,we also waited so long..Really many people that day~~!!After playing for a while,we decide to have some sneak..Coz earlier we've had branch at McD..Then we just keep on playing & waiting like mad..!!We decide nxt we wont come on public holidays..After that,we checked into our room at Theme Park hotel..At about 6pm,we all cant stand for long queue ard,and we decided to have our dinner..So,we went to Pizza Hurt..What shocked us was we were told that day no special set,all ala carte..What?!That will be super exp,so we finally went to Be A Star to sing while having our dinner which was nasi lemak,but quite enjoy also la..After finished singing at 8pm..There was fire works show that night,all I can conclude was Amazing!!So nice & beautiful..I recorded in my new hp,N78..I bought new hp 2gether with Wai Teng..After that we run back into outdoor 2 continue since outdoor will only close at 10pm..After that we headed back 2 hotel n took bath..At 11.15pm,we watched movie,'Flight Of The Living Dead'..Quite entertaining..I laughed loudly inside the cinema & my frens cal me to shut up..Haha~~!!The movie was not too bad that I think it will be..Really~~!!We were all so extremely tired ard,but we all were too hungry ard,so we went to have supper in Rc4..Roti canai lar,what else,everything is so expensive up there..Then we went back to hotel & sleep..Hong was a big machine which will make out quite loud d noise while sleeping~~!!After we woke up the next day n checked out,we went to sing n eat again..Haha~~We all actually are singer..Haha(^^D)We went down to the bus station by skyway..What shocked us was,there was super long queue where the people waiting the skyway 2 get up 2 genting..U cant imagine the crowd~~!!Greater than in market,sth like concert la..We were the fool who waiting for nth coz the bus changed to take up in Genting ard..Thanks god Con Ting's uncle was a taxi driver and he managed to find 1 more car to take 7 of us back to Bentong~~!!That was our trip~~!!So happy,hope to go else place in the near future..