Monday, January 25, 2010


Recently so busy with many things..Especially with Xin Chun things..Sometimes feel so stressed about it but dont know can talk to who..Being an important person in a group is really not an easy job..Everybody's feeling I have to take care of..Even about their tasks,I dare not to interrupt or take over..I just let them run their groups..I respect them as a leader,but sometimes I even doubt myself..Do they really give the same respect to me also..Many things I did not mention, doesnt mean that I dont know and dont care..In addition,even a very small mistake will be a big issue..I admit I really did something wrong but please,who haven did anything wrong before..Can we just move on?Thinking of sharing with seniors or friends,but scared will bcome another HOT issue..I really scared I will explode 1 day..Just letting out all my feelings just like that..Sometimes,I felt like I really Suck!!!Trying to be nice,friendly and easy-going..Or I have to be serious and fierce all the time..?I really confuse..I wanted to do the best I can..I really trying..But is there really anyone care about it?Or I just an useless puppet?When I give encouragements to others..I also need the same encouragement too..Who really know that?I really cant fall asleep..Really..Really..Doubting my ability..doubting my everythg..By the way,who cares?!!!

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