Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So many second tests waiting for us..Include BioChem,Math engineering,Computer,Food Science,Chemistry..Why so many?I just finished me math test ytd!!I really duno how to do,even when I walked out from the exam room,I also felt like crying coz I really duno how to do in the test!So,I not allow my friends to talk math in front of me..I really very sad d ar!Then before this was biochem test,I read liao again n again lo..But I also duno how to do the paper la..Especially objective..I'll taking chemistry test this sun!So scared la!All calculation!!I haven read yet also..God please help me..(T.T)plus got presentation also..The final just left 2 weeks more..!!Besides,the MPP election is ON!!So excited..I'll go out to vote 2ml..Haha(^^D)

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